The COVID-19 pandemic has had two major impacts on the carpet industry. It has spurred an unexpected demand for carpets as consumers in the U.S. and Europe use money for home improvement that might otherwise have gone to travel and entertainment. At the same time, it has played havoc with the air transport systems on which the Kabul Carpet Export Center (KCEC) depends to get carpets to international customers.

Nonetheless, KCEC in October managed to get two orders delivered to customers in Europe despite the obstacles. KCEC Shipped 4060 m^2carpets from Qasimmy Brothers Carpets Company to ABC Carpets in Milan, Italy. The contract with ABC specified that if the shipment arrived late, it would be rejected. Through the relentless efforts of the KCEC team and their detailed knowledge of air transport options out of Kabul, the carpets got there on time.

KCEC then moved another shipment of 1500〖 m〗^2 carpets from Zinnat Rugs to U.S. wholesaler AZ International whose customers are eager to have new stock.

Payments for both shipments have been received by the carpet manufacturers who have now paid the weavers and other craftspeople who made the rugs. New carpets are now in production as a result.

KCEC’s success in ensuring that these 5560 〖 m〗^2 carpets entrusted to it by carpet manufacturers reached their customers reflects KCEC’s ability to pivot in the face of unexpected challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.