In 1998 the handmade carpet making company established in Aqcha where they produce high quality handmade carpets and export to overseas. The company named Negar Carpets and run by Mr. Noor Ahmad Noori he is a successful manufacturer in carpet sector who can manage production of any volume ordered by international buyers.

At one time, he employed around 18037 weavers from Aqcha families the has employed around 32 workers in wool processing, washing and finishing. The majority of weavers are women.

The company was struggling to provide seamless customer experience across their physical store. As a result, they were unable to work on bundles of orders at once and to weave the ordered designs relevant to each customer. Either they needed a way to be connected with international customers via a connection source to be responsible for both customer and weaver.

Kabul Carpet Export Center (KCEC) has helped Noor Ahmad Noori to generate a (70%) higher average order value also got partial order of 300 Sqm from Mobel Pfister till date he completed 250 Sqm of order. To complete orders he hire more weavers and also create more than 350 jobs including but not limited to weavers, suppliers, washer and finishers.

Beside above-mentioned orders our marketing team recently connect Noori with Martin Schedle to sale his available stock; Martin is a major online seller in Switzerland.

Mr. Noori’s carpets showcased in Afghan Artisan Rug Pop-up New York which was the first ever who his carpets showcased in international market; he was very happy which his carpet exhibit during the show, his goal of being connected with international customers is now simpler to achieve than ever.