The Kabul Carpet Export Center (KCEC) has once again made history.


KCEC: LIVE FROM KABUL broadcast to the world over ZOOM on January 12, 2021, is the first-ever internet sale of carpets from Afghanistan to international buyers.  Staged in the manner of a bale opening at carpet trade shows, the 90-minute event presented 85 carpets from more than a dozen of Afghanistan’s top carpet manufacturers.


he event opened with welcoming remarks from KCEC Managing Director Rob Leahy in Charleston, SC, then switched seamlessly over to Kabul to KCEC’s Najlla Habiyar and Khalid Tayeb who presented the carpets.


KCEC: LIVE FROM KABUL was produced as part of COVER CONNECT, a multinational virtual carpet trade show organized by COVER Magazine to fill the void created by the cancellation of the world’s largest carpet trade show Domotex 2021 in Hannover Germany owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.  COVER and its sister magazine HALI are the leaders in the carpet industry’s print media.  Their involvement lent KCEC: LIVE FROM KABUL added visibility in the carpet industry which had in recent months responded enthusiastically to KCEC’s Global Carpet Industry Virtual Roundtable in August and the KCEC Virtual Carpet Trade Show in November.


According to COVER CONNECT, more than 400 carpet retailers in 14 countries participated.


Sales totaled $34,540.00.